Sunday Photos

IMG_3190.jpgEverence obviously cleaned out some corners and these were out on the curb for trash pickup.

IMG_3192.jpgIn memory of Mervin Hochstetler. He will never need this apartment again nor his vehicle.

IMG_3201.jpgAccording to the weather forecast we are going to have a stormy week. The fish net is out and ready in case fish fall from the sky.

The Green Grass and Trees

IMG_3092.jpgThese photos were taken over the last few days. Our Summer Rains have come, and now quick mini showers come and go. Some have thunder and lightening flashing when they arrive.  These showers are what makes Summer temperatures a bit cool.

IMG_3094.jpgEverywhere there are vines crawling up.

IMG_3107.jpgMore crawling vines on Clarinda Street.

IMG_3183.jpgThe Resurrection Ferns have resurrected from dead brown to lush green. Also the Spanish Moss has a darker green.




Friday and Saturday

It has been a while since I posted on this blog. I was gone for a week without my computer. And then there is not much photo shooting because there is not much going on except building houses.

IMG_2770.jpgFriday morning laying blocks on the four little houses on Graber/Miller Street. (Hot hard work.)

IMG_2774.jpgAt the former Rita Farmwald place on Carter Street.

IMG_2783.jpgSaturday Night out waiting on birds and lizards. The cat’s whole expression was, “Leave me along.”

IMG_2787.jpgA Street Shot