Zoie and Daddy

Daddy is looking for the three-foot alligator swimming up the Philippi Creek. I doubt Zoie’s expressions has anything to do with the alligator. She would rather feed the squirrels.


Pioneer Trail’s Going North

These were Monday’s photos when the Pioneer bus loaded and left. Today another Pioneer bus came in. I stayed home because of the rain and cold.


They had a full load so it took some careful packing.


Sam has clean hands.


Laura Nisley and Lydia Mae Schwartz are saying their “good-byes.”


Lydia Bontrager on the right left on the bus, doing some traveling and spending time with their family for three weeks.


Lydia Mae Schwartz and Marie Miller



Exodus out of Pinecraft


Every March Pinecraft experiences an Exodus when the snow Birds and tourists leave for the north. I think yesterday was the third Friday in a row Pioneer Trails loaded four bus loads to go north. There is still two more similar exodus for the next two weeks. (Top Photo is my sister and husband going north.) Cousin Amanda, brother Eli and wife Bonnie are to the left.


The last-minute chances to visit and say our “Good-byes” to family/friends who are leaving.


“Hmm, is my luggage stowed in the bus compartment?”


More visiting


One of the passenger’s bag got stowed by accident, so we need to find it. After all it is a 20-22 hour bus ride and that bag is needed before reaching their destination.


The last “Good-Bye”

Photos from Tuesday’s Doings


Final Yard Sale at this house on Graber Street for it will be demolished within the next week or so.


It is always green here but when Spring arrives everything green gets greener.


Looks like a retired farmer enjoying riding around Pinecraft.


Junior Miller, my niece’s husband tied a knot in his pants to keep it from getting into the bike chain’s way.