IMG_5452.jpgThe man on the right is celebrating his 103 birthday with handing out ice cream in a cup.

IMG_5454.jpgTransplanting artificial plants into the mailbox’s flowerbox. Real ones wither and die.


A young couple from Missouri taking a walk with their one year old daughter.

Aden Hochstetler from Ohio meeting up with Ivan and Susan Yoder. I don’t know if they had met before but their common connection was Ivan Weaver, who used to be Aden’s hunting buddy and is Ivan’s uncle.

Howard Plank and his wife visiting with another mobility scooter driver.

At the Benefit Dinner on Tuesday evening.

Elsie Schrock a people person who comes and goes. She is gone now.

My cousin once removed which makes Mark Troyer my second cousin. His grandpa Levi and my grandma Susanna were siblings three generations ago.

The Signs by the Wayside

IMG_5192.jpgTuesday Evening, let’s eat Pulled Pork and support Gator Camp at the Pinecraft Park.

IMG_5190.jpgAnd if we need new fabric, we can get that on the 18th at 3449 Clarinda Street.

IMG_5189.jpgAnd we have two more coming up, “The Final Empire” coming on January 23-25th at 5764 Churchill Downs Rd. If we are still alive and well after the Final Empire we can go to the Pinecraft Park on the 27th and eat BBQ Chicken and have music.


I feel very religious tonight, so I am going to show the Liberal and Conservative bikes.

IMG_5193.jpgLiberal and fancy

IMG_5194.jpgPlain and common



A Slice of Thursday

IMG_5111.jpgThis morning not a single woman was at the shuffleboard, only men. I asked someone the reason and they said the women come in the afternoon to shuffle. Women usually have morning work to do before playtime.

IMG_5112.jpgButch Chupp is on the left , but don’t know who the other two are.

IMG_5114.jpgCrossing Bahia Vista

IMG_5143.jpgCrossing Bahia Vista


The Phillippi Creek Levee Trail

IMG_5022.jpgThis morning I went to visit Jean Bender, but she wasn’t around so I biked the Levee Trail on the north side of the Phillippi Creek. I stopped in again at Jean’s and had a visit with her on my way home.

IMG_5024.jpgA Great Blue Heron suspiciously eyeballed me at a distance.

IMG_5017.jpgThere were just a few open patches among the trees that the sun could reflect on the water. This is one such patch of sunshine.