Tonight I met up with Zoie and her Mother at the Pinecraft park.

IMG_1898.jpgZoie is enjoying her favorite fruit, watermelon.

IMG_1918.jpgTired of sitting

IMG_1922.jpgNothing escapes her eyes

IMG_1925.jpgTime to leave the park, then blows a kiss or two.




At the Pinecraft Park

IMG_1564.jpgHelping with the feeding of the squirrels. The squirrels were a bit more uptight tonight, which was mostly due to more other activities at the park.

IMG_1573.jpgZoie and her Daddy came biking in with her peanuts.

IMG_1576.jpgThere was a cookout in the pavilion and so there was also playing at the shuffleboard.

IMG_1585.jpgLots of Pennsylvania people in Pinecraft. Sixty-seven of them came down on the Melard Coach’s double decker. Some came by train and others in vans. Their schools are out and it is their time to vacation. Pinecraft is basically theirs for two weeks. I am glad for them.

Relax and Ride

The Plain People know if they can’t buy what a person needs, they make it.

Here is one such thing, no more flying skirts when biking around Pinecraft. Somebody invented and hopefully patented this leather clip, with two powerful magnets. Open up the clip and tuck in as much skirt in as needed.

Or clip it on the bottom of a tighter skirt or dress and it stays down. The magnets have the strength of a tropical storm, and doubt that any wind of lesser strength can pull those magnets apart.

These are available at Lapp’s Bike Shop on Estrada Street.

The Phillippi Creek Levee Trail

IMG_0969.jpgThis afternoon I took a ride on the Phillippi Creek Levee Trail, enjoying the beauty of nature. I am always looking for the big alligator but I haven’t seen him yet.

IMG_0987.jpgI am not sure what these pink flowers but they remind me of Sweet Peas.

IMG_0991.jpgThe base of a Palm Tree and wondered how one bunch of Spanish Moss got hung up on it.

IMG_0998.jpgThe biking/hiking trail.

IMG_1002.jpgI marvel at the structure of this trunk and roots of this Southern Live Oak tree.  I always pause under its cooling shadow.

IMG_1010.jpgAn old wooden picket fence is a rare thing around here.

The Fence

IMG_0758.jpgThis is probably the oldest privacy wall in Pinecraft, made of cement blocks.

IMG_0746.jpgMonday when I biked into the Pinecraft park, trees were cut down and parts of the fence were gone.

IMG_0763.jpgThe view from Good Street

IMG_0840.jpgTuesday, installing the privacy fence and visiting.

IMG_0844.jpgWatching the progress

IMG_0879.jpgToday, this morning hot enough to wear sweat bands.

IMG_0939.jpgTonight, the fence is up.