Relaxing Bike Ride

A few mornings ago I biked the Phillippi Creek Levee. I have been on this trail many times but with the change of seasons and the amount of upkeep it changes all the time.
It was quite early in the morning with the sun on my back sharpened every detail.
I haven’t seen this water fall in action for a long time.
The Live Oak, a Banyan and a Palm tree stand together.
Spanish Moss, vines and a hollow trunk support shelter for wild life be it animals, birds or reptiles.
Here and there along this fence are openings big enough for an alligator to crawl through.
These added so much beauty on my bike ride.
Vines climbing up the fence. Before long this section will be covered and life in the creek will have more privacy.
I think these are Sweet Peas, although I am not sure about it.
These Palms reminded me of strangely, untrimmed beards.
And this mailbox sticking out it’s head on Irving Street.

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