Cleaning & Repairing the Pinecraft Park

IMG_3524.jpgPatched the Bike Trail along the Phillippi Creek.

IMG_3530.jpgThe old carpets used for ground cover in the entrance of the Shuffleboard Court.

IMG_3529.jpgMore Garbage

IMG_3532.jpgThis bare ground is where the carpet were. Don’t know if they are going to lay down more old carpets or let the weeds grow or put down grass.



Lapp’s Bike Shop

IMG_3514.jpgLapp’s Bike Shop is up and running again. Jake and Charity returned home sometime last night.

A day or two before they left to go north, my bike had a checkup and I needed nothing done to my bike until this morning when I discovered the one tire was low in air. so I stopped in and had more air put in the tires.

Weekend Photos

On the Phillippi Levee Trail, I biked last evening after all the rains quit. I had to get outside and stay out for a good long time. Everything was wet and green and beautiful.

The view from the backside of the new house going up on the dead end of Kruppa Street.

Keeping each other company this afternoon down by the Phillippi Creek.

Daddy Can Fix Anything

IMG_3442.jpgLast evening Zoie’s oxygen tube tore and as soon as the oxygen didn’t flow normally, she pulled the thing out of her nose. If it doesn’t work then get rid of it. So Daddy deals with it.

IMG_3443.jpgSince the tube in the back was torn, the only thing to do was go home and fix it. She reappeared at the Pinecraft Park a bit later, to help feed the squirrels. She begged without words to let her have my bike for a spin. But I pretended not to know what she wants.