The Legacy Trail

Yesterday I biked a small portion of The Legacy Trail, starting at Bahia Vista going down to Webber Street. I wanted to see how much battery power I have left after returning home. I still had 80%, so I am good for longer bike rides. I didn’t see any wild life except a few Butterflies. So I basically just saw people’s back yards.

The first half or so of these photos are homes on Ingram Street.
This is a swampy place and at times will have visible wildlife.
The beauty of Pink, the most cheerful color in Florida.
This house looks sort of Amish and maybe the owners are Amish. A number of the homes on Ingram are Amish or Mennonites.
This back yard has action.
Going South
This house is a bit different, it has a personality.
Approaching Webber Street. I decided I have seen enough for one day.
I don’t know which street these houses are on, the next street east of Ingram.
The upkeep wasn’t quite as clean. It looks like this row of houses the people are more relaxed and laidback. Many of them have swimming pools and barbecue grills.
Gas cans lined up.
A sled on the roof and the shed has a “Home Sweet Home” sign.
This is Elmer and Lena Nolt’s home on the Ingram side. I happened to see their vehicles.
This is the swampy area behind the plaza where Earth Orgins and CVS are.
Later in the afternoon I biked to the Pinecraft Park and met up with Elmer Nolt and his Chess playing buddy.

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