Autumn Decorations

Yoder’s Amish Village brings out the Autumn beauty.



I am not sure what to call this building, nor what its proper name is, but it suctions the sewer to where ever it should be going.

Thursday night there was fire in the men’s restroom. You can see the blackened smoke on top of the door.

The toilet paper is having fun swinging in the wind.

Evening Photography

My neighbor’s blooming plants. I wish he would be here to enjoy them.

Sam Byler from Kentucky is back in Pinecraft for a booster shot or two. The squirrels like him too, providing nobody else feeds them peanuts.

A portion of the sunset tonight. The sunset keeps changing colors. Tonight it was mostly shades of pink.

This Week in Photography

IMG_3656.jpgI don’t know if this is the only pully cloth line in Pinecraft. This is a fairly new cloth line.

IMG_3674.jpgWhen squirrels are hungry and fearful, they flatten themselves as much as possible and devour their peanut.

IMG_3675.jpgThere is a small hole in this bunch of Spanish Moss. I try to imagine what bird would build a nest in here?

IMG_3677.jpgThe Sunday Chess game.

IMG_3678.jpgAutumn/Fall decorations. After living here for ten+ years a person feels and sees the seasons come and go. They are just different from up north.