Saturday Night

The middle couple is Ben and Nancy.
Big Olaf and Emma’s Pizza are the main gathering places after dark.

The Strength of the Wind


The southern wind has strength today. Sam’s beard is finding shelter behind his neck. Katie’s veil is flying forward. And the other man has the perfect solution. It was too hot to wear a stocking cap, so the hair band does the trick.

Song Fest

Tonight Marlin Wagler with some of the Pinecraft Pickers made music at the Pinecraft Park. Of course I love to sit in the back and watch people come and go. My smart phone works great for these kind of photos.

I don’t know my Mennonites very well, so I don’t know where these belong. I love their colorful dresses.

Aaron and Sharlene Miller from Indiana with their two daughters. They also have two sons who were outside.

In my first year of teaching in 1971-72 these children’s grandmother was in first grade at Green Valley School in Maysville Ohio. (Jeckie Shetlers Edna)