House For Sale

IMG_3421.jpgFor Sale by Owner , at the corner of Estrada and Beneva.  Contact: 330-763-0110


Storm Clouds

Our storm clouds tonight, although we didn’t get any storm, at least not yet although it is raining.

IMG_2764 (Edited).JPGThe clouds coming in from the north.

IMG_2772 (Edited).JPGLooking west on Fry Street.


This and That in Pinecraft

IMG_3385.jpgOur cloud formation from the East last evening.

IMG_3386.jpgThe wash line at Crist & Betty Miller’s place on Kruppa Street. Strange because I don’t think anybody is renting from Crist & Betty.


Unloading Dry Wall at the former Rita Farmwald’s place, now owned by Homer Miller. At least I think Homer Miller is the present owner.


Sunday Photos

IMG_3190.jpgEverence obviously cleaned out some corners and these were out on the curb for trash pickup.

IMG_3192.jpgIn memory of Mervin Hochstetler. He will never need this apartment again nor his vehicle.

IMG_3201.jpgAccording to the weather forecast we are going to have a stormy week. The fish net is out and ready in case fish fall from the sky.