Life in Pinecraft

IMG_3778.jpgThese four Pinecraft Candy Canes have decided to stick together and form a chique.

IMG_3798.jpgThis is one of the few Orange trees in Pinecraft that are left and the parrots help themselves. They sit on the twig where the Orange is fastened and peck holes into the fruit and eat away until the Orange drops onto the ground. Then go for another Orange. There were half a dozen parrots on the ground finishing off the drops.

IMG_3804.jpgThe shadows of the cloth pins.

IMG_3806.jpgGetting a new fence at the Pinecraft Park.

IMG_3828.jpgAnother house got demolished this morning on Kruppa Street. The home where Peggy Miller had lived the five years she was in Pinecraft.

IMG_3833.jpgLaying sod at Will Wagler’s new house on Schrock Street.

IMG_3835.jpgWorking on Graber Street. These four little houses are coming to completion before long.


Men at Work

Jake helping his wife by hanging up the wet laundry.

With the sun and the wind and the free flapping, the laundry dried.

Harvey planting my Lemon tree

Fred Hershberger got a golden crown on his hat tonight because he became his wife’s hair-dresser. She has her wrist in a cast and can’t do her hair with only one arm.


Today Zoie and her parents met Wanda and Richard Brunstetter at Big Olaf. Zoie did try out my bike but she can’t swing those peddles round and round. She needs to grow a bit more.

Zoie is watching Wanda write on a pad.

And now it is Zoie’s turn to sign her name.

Zoie is counting her Mother’s money, but not enough to buy a bike.

Our group picture, Richard & Wanda Brunstetter, Betty, Zoie and Lester. We asked Big Olaf’s ice cream scooper to snap the pictures.

And like we always do, we see if we like the photos. The ice cream scooper did well in taking good photos.