A Typical Day in February

Meeting Marly with their oldest and youngest children.
Digging out the weeds in their yard. This is the way we used to do fifty years ago, instead of chemical spraying.
This guy had a strange accent. It sounded sort of like Daviess County Indiana and yet it didn’t. Turns out he doesn’t speak the Pennsylvania Dutch at all. But instead he spent 7-8 years in Belize when his parents were missionaries, so he speaks whatever accent that produced. He is Dave and Ruthie’s son.
Paul went a fishing in the Celery Fields.
Johnny and Anna. Being Pizza Emma’s children they later, along with their cousins came to the Pinecraft Park with Pizza Dough wrapped around their scooter handlebars. It was a substitute for homemade play dough.
Free Pole Props
Came back from Siesta Beach
Ivan Raber, son of Andy Mary. Andy Mary was the daughter of Eli Mattie and Eli was a brother to my Troyer Mommy (Susanna) Susanna and Eli were the children of Mose E. A. Troyer. Susanna my grandmother also married a
Moses P Troyer.

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