Gypsy Bohemian Vagabond

After finding this man up the ladder at Yoder’s Amish Village, we struck up a conversation. I had met him previously at Yoder’s working on artistic projects.

This morning he is repainting or brushing up the mural on the east wall. He already did the red horse barn, and this morning he is outlining in black the buggy spokes and everything that is black. Then he will go back and fill in the other colors of the mural.
He told me a bit about himself. He has no computer and no television. He choose not to have either one. He wants to live his life, instead of watching the lives of the TV people. Although he did confess when he is at his sister’ place he watches a little bit with his sister. He said he is a Gypsy Bohemian Vagabond. He had even lived in a barn. I questioned him a bit about living in a barn? He had a very simply answer of, “He ran away when he was young.”
He is a colorful guy and adds color where ever he goes.

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