For Sale, My Tiny House

My Tiny House is for sale.

Last week family members came from Ohio to help me move. We cleaned out the house and trashed a lot of things and moved what want and need into my new apartment, and put a number of plastic containers in a storage unit.

The Tiny House is now empty and available for new owners. It measures 8×24 feet. It is ideal for one person to live in as a seasonal home or year round. It is sturdy built, well insulated. Needs a little bit of repairs as I have had it for seventeen years. It was gifted to me by my cousin, for as long as I need it. For the first five years I had it hauled north for the summer months and then brought down for winter time. After my Dad passed in 2008, I decided I have moved around enough in my lifetime and I decided to stay in Pinecraft year round, as this is where I belong and it is where I feel at home. But now I don’t need it anymore. The owner and contact person of this Tiny House is Roman and Mary Kauffman from Montana. Roman Kauffman’s contact number is (406) 297-7442. And or also contact me for questions at (941)248 5407.


This is an update on the Tiny House:

The owner of the House is Roman Kauffman from Montana. His phone number is: 406-297-7442.

Anybody interested in buying the Tiny House, the starting bid is $7500. We take bids until Thanksgiving Day.

Whoever buys it has the option of keeping it on the property and paying rent to my former landlord, Amos Fisher. For year round renters, the rent price is $500 a month. For seasonal, the rent is $575 a month. His phone number is: 717-354-4418.


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