My Tiny House

My Tiny House has served me very well for seventeen years. But now it is “For Sale” by the owner Roman Kauffman.

Back in 2003, after my first winter in Pinecraft, I started thinking or wondering if I could live in a camper or travel trailer and take it to Florida during the winter months and then take it with me up north in the summer months. We liked the idea but there was too much involved to remodel a camper to fit my needs. So when Roman being a mini-barn builder suggested he would rather start from scratch I said, “Go ahead.”

So this Tiny House 8×24 feet was build for me. Everything was designed for my fit and level. At the same time Roman also kept in mind that when I no longer need this house another person could live in here. So the bedroom is big enough for a single or double bed. The bathroom has a shower and toilet. The kitchen/living room is basically 8×12. There is not much space but for a place to stay in Florida while on vacation, it serves its purpose well. (It is on wheels if you want to move it somewhere else but I have been renting this lot for about 14 years from Amos Fisher. So this house is build for a Little Person and also average heights.

I plan to move in with my brother Eli and Bonnie in October or whenever their new house is finished. Their house is on Graber Avenue, which is only three streets west from my present location.

The owners of this Tiny House is Roman and Mary Kauffman from Montana. Their contact numbers are: Roman Kauffman @607-222-7090, Mary Kauffman 607-221-4881. They said they will take the highest offer. This house is well built, sturdy and has good insulation, stays cool in the summer with ac and takes very little heat if any in the coldest time of the winter season.

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