Out in Nature

This photo was taken in my back yard. I think I am reconnecting with nature. In my younger years I loved to take walks along fence rows and sometimes in the woods. I usually took a younger sibling with me and we would explore.
I also biked along the Phillippi Levee. A Mourning Dove is on the top right watching me.
Two Palm trees, one has smooth bark and the other one is all rough and broken.
The vines weave their own patterns.
There is a backside to everything. This house is on Kaufman/Hacienda Street.
The house and the pond and the canoe next to the big tree.

One comment

  1. Thank you for your nice pictures. They remind me of our days in Columbus OH. We lived in an apartment and we could meet squirrels on our backyard everyday. We were surprised at the size. They were much bigger than ones in Japan! The others also. We visited the States for many times after coming back to my country and are sure that all especially greens and fields in the country in the States are super! We hope we will visit there again after the COVIT-19. Thank you.


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