Homes For Sale

The beginning of the Snowbird Season is a good time to put your Pinecraft home up for sale. Here are three of them and I know there is at least one more on the north side of Bahia Vista.

IMG_4175.jpgThis is the home of Jonas & Catherine Coblentz, the back side on Good Avenue.

IMG_4182.jpgContact information

IMG_4181.jpgThe Kruppa Avenue view. The main entrance into the house.

IMG_4180.jpgMarie’s Bike Shop. The bike business is not for sale.

IMG_4176.jpgThe backside of the Bike Shop. A good view of the second story apartment.The Bike business is not for sale, only the buildings.



IMG_4189.jpgThis house is located on Kaufman Avenue.


IMG_4191.jpgThis is on the corner of Kaufman and Estrada, next to Lapp’s Bike Shop.

IMG_4192.jpgInformation: Double Lot, Fully Furnished, Taking Bids starting at $240,000.

IMG_4193.jpgNext to this home is the parking lot of Yoder’s Deli. This area is where the action is, Emma’s Pizza, Big Olaf, Yoder’s Deli, Lapp’s Bike around the corner.



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