The Fence

IMG_0758.jpgThis is probably the oldest privacy wall in Pinecraft, made of cement blocks.

IMG_0746.jpgMonday when I biked into the Pinecraft park, trees were cut down and parts of the fence were gone.

IMG_0763.jpgThe view from Good Street

IMG_0840.jpgTuesday, installing the privacy fence and visiting.

IMG_0844.jpgWatching the progress

IMG_0879.jpgToday, this morning hot enough to wear sweat bands.

IMG_0939.jpgTonight, the fence is up.



One thought on “The Fence

  1. I enjoy your posts. I have visited Sarasota twice many years ago. My husband and I are considering moving near there in a couple years. Thanks for the photos:)

    Nicole Kline


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