New Homes

These three new homes are North of Bahia Vista. At least eight other new houses are going up on the South side of Bahia Vista.


IMG_0311.jpgFront and backside of Glen Graber’s house on the corner of Hines and Birky.

IMG_0323.jpgI don’t know who the owner is of this house. It is on Kaufman, next to Miller’s Trailer Court. It took ages to obtain the permit to built because a small piece of the land was commercial and the bigger part was residental.




The last three photos are at the dead end of Kruppa. I think the owner is Daniel Miller from West Union Ohio, although I am not certain. I took this view of the backside from the Dance Studio. No vehicles were parted there so I took the liberty to bike on their parking lot.


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  1. […] KATIE TROYER:  While Pinecraft, Florida’s lone Amish settlement, is now largely empty for the season, that doesn’t mean there isn’t new activity, checking out these new homes going up, the photo at the bottom is of a huge new home being built by an Amish bakery owner in Ohio. Click here to see. […]


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