Turkey Vultures are having a meeting of some sort on the opposite side of the Phillippi Creek. The Vultures on this side of the creek are fighting and going after each other like crazy. I think they have found something dead to fight over.IMG_8627.jpg

IMG_8634.jpgI took a ride on the Phillippi Creek Levee Trail. I was looking for the big alligators, those that chased Jean Bender’s cats during the night earlier this season.

IMG_8648.jpgThe man that goes by the name of Gator caught about 12-14 fish. They planned to fry them up for their dinner tonight. Gator has cancer and has his times when he isn’t feeling well, but today was a day he went fishing.

IMG_8655.jpgOnce back on the street I stopped to admire the trunk of this huge tree.

IMG_8659.jpgAnother view of this tree.


The Banana Tree is producing more bananas. The tree on the left looks like a peach tree. although its fruit doesn’t look like that of a peach unless it is a Florida Peach.




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