Tuesday’s Photos at the Pinecraft Park

IMG_5434.jpgI think the man on the right is Ruby Andy.

IMG_5453.jpgMyron Mast handing out treats to children.

IMG_5481.jpgIn conversation

IMG_5485.jpgHe offered him the bottle of water.

IMG_5511.jpgThe coming and goings of the afternoon.

IMG_5517.jpgIt was a long wait before the food line opened, but this is the way we do it. We don’t want to stand in line so we get in line early, but then we stand or sit until they start serving.

IMG_5527.jpgCarry out is also an option.

IMG_5550.jpgAs far as the eye can see, but the food line moved fast and even faster when it started to rain. Maybe the line dispersed but I didn’t wait around to see what happened in the down pour. I went home for a few hours.

IMG_5578.jpgLater in the evening it turned colder and almost quit raining. Some decided to leave and others stayed.


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